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Technic and Service

Arch Sheet Roof Project

 Arch Sheet Roof Project
(1)Arch Sheet Roll Forming Machine
As the first company that produced Arch Roof Forming Machine in China, Sanxin has about 16 years' experience on Arch Roof Buildings. With our practical and reliable arch sheet roll forming machines, we have successfully constructed many arch sheet roof projects at home and abroad.
(2)Engineering Support
With the purchase of, Automatic Building Machine Mobile Factories, you will be able to:
1. Start a very profitable business in steel construction.
2. Build steel buildings for your own use or for other customers for unlimited applications at a very high speed, at nearly half the cost of conventional buildings.
The, Automatic Building Machine Mobile Factory is taken to the construction site and a team of 10 to 12 workers will be able to fabricate right on the site 30 to 60 cm wide arches from high quality galvanized and pre-painted steel coils at a very high speed. These arches are seamed together by a motorized seamer into totally waterproof building with span of up to 30 meters width without any intermediate support. The, Automatic Building Machine arches seamed together are used either as a complete building or a roof over conventional walls.
With, Automatic Building Machine Mobile Factories, a 1000 square meter building can be fabricated on-site and erected in one day.
Here are what we could offer to our customers about large span construction.
Firstly, detailed technical service and know-how for steel engineering construction.
Secondly, professional k span, super span and Ultimate Building Machine machine series.
Thirdly, we could contract your project and offer technicians to your place for at least 10,000 square meters steel engineering construction, so in this process, you will know all about our steel engineering machine and steel engineering.
We can supply related steel construction equipments and materials such as polyurethane glue, foam sprayer, high tensile color steel, even special technicians for whole project!
If you buy Arch Roof Forming Machine from us, we can help you design the project for free.
(3)Low Pressure Polyurethane Foam Machine
Features of Low Pressure Polyurethane Foam Machine:
1. Being controlled by PLC, this machine delivers high accuracy, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
2. The alarming relay will give alarms when pre-set first injection is finished.
Application of Low Pressure Polyurethane Foam Machine:
This steel construction machine is designed for continuously injecting rigid or soft polyurethane foam for various thermal insulation purposes.
Technical Specification of Low Pressure Polyurethane Foam Machine:
1) Main pump motor power: 5.5kW
2) Mixing motor power: 0.55kW
3) Hydraulic pump motor power: 2.2kW
4) Auto glue filling motor power: 1.5kW (two set for two tanks)
5) Flux: 5~30kg per minute
6) Capacity of the tanks for polyurethane glue: 180kg each, auto filling glues
7) PLC automatic control: PLC programmable, automatically heating, injecting, cleaning and blowing; Special PLC system from Chinese domestic which can save 99 programs.
8) Equipped piston type counting pump: HJ30-50 (two), adjusting accuracy 0.05%.
9) Generating pressure: 8-10MPa (one 0.8 m3 air compressor is equipped by buyer)
10) Machine weight: about 800kg
11) Dimension: 1370mm x 1350mm x 2250mm
(4)High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Machine
Features of High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Machine:
1. Accurate measurement: use measure pump with slow speed and high precision, the fluctuation of temperature, pressure and viscosity will not change the mixed proportion, and it can reach highest ratio of quality goods.
2. With advanced pour point structure, reliable performance, convenient operation, easy maintain, this steel construction machine is able to move in the direction of front, back, left, right, upper and below.
3. PLC is adopted.
Application of High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Machine:
This steel engineering machine is used to produce horniness and semi-horniness, such as instrument plate, cold locker, active cold storage board, etc.
Technical Specification of High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Machine:
1) Main pump motor power: 15kW x 2
2) Mixing motor power: 0.55kW (installed inside A tank)
3) Hydraulic pump motor power: 2.2kW
4) Flux: 40-400kg per minute
5) Injecting time: 0.1-99.9s
6) Injecting pipe high pressure protected by pressure gauge with electric contact
7) Filters for Polyol and ISO glues: DN110 self-clean filter
8) Hydraulic station: hydraulic tank 20L, integrated with over-flow valve, safety valve, pressure gauge, discharge valve, electromagnetic valve, anti-shock pressure gauge, etc.
9) High pressure mixing head: developed by ourselves, high precision, hydraulic control, L type, self-clean, solvent free, life is more than 300 thousand times (if more than 300 thousand times, this head can be repaired and used again); Outer diameter of the nozzle: 24mm.
10) Temperature control system for tanks: the two tanks are heated by waters in the interlayer of the tanks; Equipped with two 2kW heaters; Electronic numeric displayer temperature controller is equipped to keep invariable temperature needed for glues.
11) Pressure pipes are chosen from Chinese domestic qualified supplier.
12) Auto-filling devices for two tanks: two self-absorbing pumps, motor power 1.5kW each.
13) Capacity of the tanks for polyurethane glue: 180 kg each
14) PLC automatic control: PLC programmable; Special PLC system from Chinese domestic which can save 99 programs.
15) Equipped piston type counting pump: adjusting accuracy 0.05%.
16) Generating pressure: 80-100MPa
17) Suspending arm length 2.5m, rotated in 270°, horizontal injecting or vertical injecting.
18) Dimension:Main body: about 1590 x 1200 x 2400mm
Tanks: 720 x 1550 x 2400mm
19) Weight: about 2500kg
Working Condition

Main Parameters
Raw materials Mixing ratio in weight Material temp,℃ Viscosity
Material A: polyol, foaming, agent, activator, equalizing agent, etc 100 20-25 <2000 1.1-1.4
Material B:MDI-semi-prepolymer 100-110 25-30 100-300 1.2
Model and Output Capacity
Main Parameters
NO Items/ Model SM20F-Y7 SM20F-Y8 SM20F-Y9 SM20F-Y10
1 Kg/min(g/s)
Total pouring volume(kg/min)(kg/s)
60-180(1-3) 90-270(1.5-4.5) 150-450(2.5-7.5) 200-600(3.3-10)
2 Weight of product(kg) 5-60 10-90 15-120 20-200
3 Tank capacity(l) 200 300 500 800
4 r.p.m
Revolving speed of blending(r.p.m)
6300 6300 4000-6000 4000-6000
5 Total power(kw) 20 30 40 50
6 Outline size, LxWxX(m) 2.2x3 2.5x2.5x3 3x3x3.5 3.5x3.5x3.5
7 Weight (kg) 1200 1500 2000 2500